African Aviation Services

African Aviation Services


01 Flight permits

We are in position to arrange permits for private flight, business flight, Ambulance flight, Passenger flight, cargo flight.

Overflight permit
Landing permit
Take off permit

02 ground handling

AFS always ensure that a full range of ground handling and passenger services for private or Business Jets has been provided.

Ground handling services supervision in locations where we are presented.
Ground Transportation coordination

03 Fuel arrangements

Fuel coordination with local supplier s and brokers

AFS can provide a world-class air charter broker services with access to every type of aircraft, for every conceivable mission in every part of the world.

In ground handling coordination, we also do :
• Handling arrangements
• Catering arrangements
• Visa arrangements for both Crew and passenger if required
• Custom and immigration coordination
• Hotel accommodation arrangements
• Slot or PPR if required.
• Aircraft security if required

• VIP lounge arrangements (VIP lounge we arrange or offers a quiet and comfortable place to escape from the crowds of the busy arrival or departure hall, while we are taking of Custom and immigration procedure.

Since all VIP passengers require special attention at all levels, AFS provides professional bi-lingual staff to ensure quality friendly service to our clients. We ensure to perform a full range of passenger services including dedicated Crew Services Desk, passenger check-in, boarding and special assistance through our network local agents or handlers.


AFS is ready to arrange an accurate flight plan can save an aircraft operator a significant amount of fuel and time during a flight. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of dispatchers are equipped with the most advanced flight planning software and are aware at all times of any restrictions or disturbances to your flight and are ready with possible solutions.

AFS’s specialists are ready to prepare an effective flight plan for you to-and-from, in any location in the world wide; we can assist in creating an alternative route at short notice in case of any urgent change of plans and, in case of unanticipated flight delays, we make sure that the flight plan is re-validated hourly.

AFS is the Ultimate in flight support